Natural Gas Industry

Your oil field operations encompass many processes, including drilling, completion, production, gathering and transportation of the product for the final stages of processing and refining. It’s important you select a solution provider that is certified in understanding the temperatures, loads and stresses your components face and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your lubricant and exceed run time expectations. Leveraging the technical engineers in our partnership with Chevron and Citgo ensures we offer a complete array of fluids and reliability solutions for your field equipment and applications.

Chevron Natural Gas

Low Ash Engine Oil

HDAX 3200 HDAX 5200 HDAX 9200

No Ash Engine Oil

HDAX 3100 HDAX 5100

Medium Ash & Multi-Vis Engine Oil

HDAX 5300 HDAX 6500 LFG HDAX 5500 LFG

Old World Industries/PEAK Industrial